Lovely C___ Dream

future home of LCD. art magazine of some variety. still figuring it out.


what's LCD gonna be about?

art, in a few ways. I want LCD to focus less on displaying the works, but on talking about them. "art" as a concept or category is notoriously hard to define, but one that sticks to me personally is "something made by one person in order to evoke a feeling in another."

I'll be taking in submissions from people who wanna talk about their work and talking to them about it in interviews. I'll also be talking about art that I find on my own time and either critically examining it or just exploring it--and if other people wanna do that for something that spoke to them, I'd be willing to take submissions like that too.

oh, and I also wanna run ads for things. real things, fake things, whatever. not as an actual marketing tool that anyone pays for or anything, just as a minor promotional/for fun thing.

is LCD actually gonna be a print magazine?

maybe? I'd have to figure that out. the plan is to keep it in black and white (but only black and white, not grayscale) both in a hypertext format and in a printable pdf form. so I guess you could print it if you wanted. maybe if I can get the printer I got for free off craigslist working I'll consider printing and mailing copies out for a couple bucks.

when's it coming out?

definitely not a final answer here, but I'm tentatively looking at end of April/beginning of May as issue 1's release date. if anything it'll be later than that though.

who are you?

baz toroidal, internet communist. nobody important.

are you accepting submissions?

yes! I'm pretty much always gonna have submissions open; even if I gather enough articles for one issue I'd like to have more for the next. to submit either article ideas or ads, follow the instructions on the submissions page.